Mating Lions at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on November 14, 2009

Mating lions is always a spectacular sighting when It occurs.

One can never predict when it will take place and I for one always appreciate this kind of social behavior, simply because it means potential lion cubs for the future.

This is also one of the more unusual sightings that I have not seen for more than a year.

The mating ritual took place in the southern territory of the 3 Timbavati males between one of the Timbavati males and one of the Machattan lionesses.

Now if this process was successful we should have new cubs at the end of February. This will be the birth date.

The mother will then keep the cubs hidden for another 3 months before we will see them for the first time.

So 2010 might just be a good year to visit the camp.
Mating lions by Patrick O‘Brien
Mating lions by Patrick O‘Brien
Mating lions by Patrick O‘Brien

9 thoughts on “Mating Lions at Kings Camp

  1. How wonderful to observe this natural

    part of life.Trust we see these new cubs progressing well next August 2010.

    Terrific photographs Patrick yet again!

  2. Great pictures, Pat! Now it?s going to be difficult to decide, whether I come back in February/March or May/June… 😉

  3. We were fortunate to see this when we visited in June, 2008 with Cynet and Remember. I would like to see the cubs from that mating now! It is good to see the population increasing. We always enjoy your photos and want to come back someday.

  4. Hey Pat,

    Fell and broke my ankle last week. Will have surgery, Tuesday the 17th, to put in pins, screws and a plate to repair it.

    These photos really cheered me up!

    Hope to see the cubs when I’m back on my feet and can return to Kings Camp.

    Please take care of yourself. This "incident" has made me realize just how important ones health is!!!!!!

    Much Love,

    Chris from California

  5. Hello friend,

    Always a treat to recieve an e-mail notifying of a new blog update. I realize how tired you guys are after the drive and appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us at home.



  6. Hey Pat

    What a fantastic sighting that was! Hopefully those cubs will be able to add to such a beautiful pride already, and with those 3 boys for protection, they should be just fine don’t you think Pat?

    Missing you all very much! Cheers again for an amazing adventure.


  7. Hi Patrick, always good to know these lion prides continue to breed…considering all their challenges. Lets hope for healthy offspring! it will make for good viewing next year.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  8. Hi Patrick, excellent pictures yet again. I hope they produce some cubs, we are returning later on next year so it’s fingers crossed for us!

    All the best

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