Mbali and Cub

By Patrick O’Brien on September 12, 2008

Another superb sighting of one of my favourite female leopards.

After seeing Todd McElmurray image of the cub I felt that I should add a new image that I took on Thursday.

Finally I got the two leopards mom and daughter together. I have been striving for years to get this image and now finally own it. Todd this is for you and John.

By Patrick Head Guide Kings Camp.
Mom and Cub by Patrick O'Brien Head guide

7 thoughts on “Mbali and Cub

  1. Thank you Patrick. They are an amazing pair/family. I am happy that you were able to photograph them together.

    I will send more pics shortly . . .



  2. Spectacular! You captured an awesome image Patrick.Seeing mother and cub together in a pensive moment is very special. The lighting is fantastic.This photograph is truly worth waiting for. Thank you.

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