M’Bali cub

By Kings Camp Team on September 18, 2008

A little back story on this photo. We just got back from a morning game drive, when Morné got word that the cub was spotted. Morné was kind enough to call the property owner to obtain special clearance to access the property right after our breakfast…

Needless to say, this special request really paid off, as we were able to locate the cub resting among this rock bed. I thought it made a perfect back-drop.

Morné/Patrick, I would love your feedback of this photo as I had to increase the exposure given the shadowing of the rocks.


3 thoughts on “M’Bali cub

  1. Hey Todd, I remember that day… I think all of you got some really cute photo’s of her… She is such a beautiful leopard!

    Chat soon


  2. Hi Todd

    Great sighting, techs handled well considering the harsh light conditions.

    The white is blown on the cub. You need to adjust the white control points.

    Try to decrease your exposure using your software. Adobe works well.

    Looks at the following link and you will see the image that i have posted.

    The image is razor sharp and light handle well.

    An image must be sharp or it is worth nothing, at least to me.

    Became a member of ODP. It is for free and will help you. Let me know if you need help.

    PS you did well here and next time I will be able to give you guidelines what to do I a situation like this. Keep on posting and let?s see if I can help you.


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