Mbali jr. yesterday afternoon

By Morné Hamlyn on September 19, 2008

She is the most entertaining cub I’ve ever seen…

Just some shots to make you all jealous…
M'bali jr. Photography, Morné HamlynPhotography, Morné Hamlyn



3 thoughts on “Mbali jr. yesterday afternoon

  1. I am jealous. I envy that you are able to see Mbali Jr. grow and develop. Please continue to send photos of this special Leopard cub.

  2. I’m so happy to see the Mbali cub. We saw her pregnant mother in October and have enjoyed reading about her development.

  3. She is a BEAUTIFUL cub and the few times I have been lucky enough to see her she has been so entertaining!! Thank you for sharing these lovely photo’s of her Liefie…

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