Mbali leopard Cub Update

By Patrick O’Brien on August 16, 2008

This is the latest updated regarding the Mbali Jnr. Leopard cub.

Blessed with yet another spectacular sighting this morning and during the evening drive.

Both mom and cub were gorged from a small antelope mom caught during the early hours of the morning. The Mbali cub is getting bigger and stronger day by day. She is now 6-7 months old and so far she has manage to stay out of trouble with the larger apex predators.

These are the latest images of the cub resting on a branch a mere several meters from us.

So, if you visit Kings Camp soon you may just be fortunate to see this little wonder.

What a privilege to be part of her life.
Mbali resting. By Patrick O'Brien
Mbali cub. by Patrick O'Brien
By Patrick O‘Brien

Head Guide Kings Camp

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