M’bali leopardess and cub on kill

By Morné Hamlyn on May 13, 2008

Only one of the two cubs are still alive.

The good news how ever is that the mother can now spend more energy by sorting only for one hungry cub now. The five month old youngster is looking very good and has clearly inherited her mother’s relaxed behaviour towards vehicles.

May we get many more special sightings from these two leopards.
Mother and cub. Morné Hamlyn, 2008.M'bali cub. Morné Hamlyn, 2008



2 thoughts on “M’bali leopardess and cub on kill

  1. Hi Todd,

    We can only speculate what happened… On one sighting it was there and four days later when they were found he was missing and has been ever since.

    Take care,


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