Mbali Leopardess and Cub

By Patrick O’Brien on July 21, 2008

Great leopard sighting.

She is now 6 months old and is doing great. Mbali leopardess and Jnr was seen this morning deep in the Mopane woodland of Timbavati. Both leopards; mother and daughter looked very healthy. Looking at their condition one could easily tell that they had a meal last night.

The Mbali Jnr is growing very quickly and she is already showing the skill of a sub-adult leopard but playing games with mom was the order of the day.

What a pleasure to watch theses two interact with great affection for each other.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide

Mbali and Cub by Patrick O'Brien Head Giude

Mbali and Cub Playing by Patrick O'Brien Head Giude

 Mbale Leopardess keeping guard By Patrick O;Brien Head Giude

8 thoughts on “Mbali Leopardess and Cub

  1. Very nice Patrick. Thanks for the e-mail, please check yours for my response.



  2. Great photos Patrick; I’m glad to see that you’re copyrighting them!! I just arrived home from a week in Los Angeles and was able to see John and Todd. They caught me up a little bit on you and I hope you’re well. I miss the Timbavati as well and hope to be back to see you all!


  3. Hi Patrick

    What fabulous pictures!

    I can’t believe I was there to witness the real thing. Thanks for a fabulous experience!


  4. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for many fantastic and truly memorable experiences.Stay well.


  5. The photos are fantastic Patrick. Knowing your passion for Leopards, this must be amazing for you, as well as for your guests. I hope I am able to see mother and cub when I return to King’s Camp in a few weeks.

  6. Hi Patrick, I worked at Kings Camp quite some years back but never had a chance of such a fantastic Leopard sighting! Must get back to the bush asap! luve to all fm Franzi

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