More pictures this morning of the White cubs…

By Morné Hamlyn on December 4, 2009

We’ve been blessed over the last three days…

They were very entertaining this morning and played like there was no tomorrow.
Between the normal familyGreeting mommy
Next to a tawny cousinWhite cub
White cubs stalk-and-pouncePlayfull
Tawny and White
This is extremely special for me and lots of other people to see this! Hope you enjoy the pictures…
Chat soon,


9 thoughts on “More pictures this morning of the White cubs…

  1. Thanks Morné….fantastic photos…really shows the difference in their colour shading! wow !!

    Stay well, stay safe.


  2. I can’t wait to see these darlings in August. Hope they have a good survival rate! Cheers and congratulations on your recent engagement! Heerlijke!


  3. Fantastic shots there Morné. Im so jealous!!! They look like absolutely stunning cats and I really hope they stick around for a while for you guys to enjoy.

    Missing you all LOADS!


  4. What extraordinary and beautiful animals they are. I cannot wait to see them. You captured some amazing interactions between the siblings. Timbavati truly is a special place in the world.

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