More sightings of Rockfig and Nkateko…

By Morné Hamlyn on April 12, 2009

Rockfig & Nkateko took centre stage in the last few weeks and the sightings continues!!!

Sightings of them both has been plentyfull even up to this morning… Enjoy!
On a killNkateko on the look-out
Nkateko restingInto the tree
Chasing HornbillsRockfig jumping into the tree
Strolling down the riverbedFollowing mum
Beautiful NkatekoLooking for Nkateko
@ RestRockfig
Take care,


13 thoughts on “More sightings of Rockfig and Nkateko…

  1. Hey Morné,

    Awesome pics . . . question for you. The three pics with the kill in the tree, is that the same tree where we came across the civet (along with the impala kill)? It looks like the same tree to me.

    Lekker and go Lions!


  2. Hey Todd,

    No, this is a different area… You are thinking of the kill that M’bali and Kuhanya had. Thax 4 the comment!!!

    Take care and good luck!


  3. absolutely awesome pics !! Rockfig is such a stunning subject….seems to know just how to pose! Thanks Morné, for sharing with us.

  4. I’m "gobsmacked". These are wonderful and especially numbers 11 and 12. What stunning beauties they are!

    Joy in Camarillo CA

  5. Hey Morné – How’s it going? Excellent pictures as usual!! Really looking forward to returning to Kings at the start of May! Cheers, Martin – Ireland

  6. Hi Morné

    That’s a shame:( Never mind, we’ll try and get back again before the end of the year. Enjoy your vacation!!


  7. Morné

    great pictures! We were part of the group who were privileged to watch these two ladies and we enjoyed your guiding tremendously!

    These two plus 2 more individual leopards in 4 game drives made the stay at king’s special!

    Thank you and take care!

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