Morné‘s Gallery

By Morné Hamlyn on March 7, 2008

A small collection of my photographs… for more info please contact me at,, (+27)015 793 3633 or leave a message on my profile.

Morné HamlynKlaserie male
White RhinoStalking the buffalo
Timbavati lionessWhite Rhino
Schobele cubWhite Rhino wallowing
Timbavati prideAfrican Elephants
Vulture sunsetLions @ Kings Camp
Machaton maleSpotted Hyena
Schobele maleZebra's
African Wild dogs

11 thoughts on “Morné‘s Gallery

  1. What a stunning collection of photos Morné!

    You have some quality action shots. Well, done! We look forward to more of them in the future…

  2. Love the one on the cheetah running, fantastic action shot!!!!! definately will be checking out for more of your shots

  3. Thanks for sharing ytour experiences with us!

    Enjoy every moment you can!

    Regards and love to M.

  4. Hi Morné`

    Once agian, many thanks from Doris and Harald, your pictures are great and very impressive.

    Do you remember the Impalas juming at the waterhole, I will sent you the picture soon.

    Regards Harald and Doris

  5. WOW, you make me want to come back so much. Warren do you hav a job for Earl and I we could live there in perfect happiness. I think of the kamp every day.

    Kathy casterline

  6. ?Morné, great shots, well done.

    I think it is a wonderful thing that with all the very talented Photographers we have in the Seasons In Africa Group, everyone?s photographs are like finger prints, you never see two the same, refreshing in their difference and a pleasure to behold.

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