By Kings Camp Team on May 8, 2011

We got an email today from the Film Crew following the White Lions with this Update…Thank you very Much Will & Liane Steenkamp for the Update & the Photos.

Dear all,

It’s been a real tough mission looking for our lions in the rough, rocky mountainous terrain on both sides of the Klaserie River. As most of you will know, the “white pride” has been spending the majority of the last four months in the northern section of the Klaserie PNR along the river.
White Lion with Tawny Adult Mother
Most of the days we track and search until dark, with no result. But yesterday we had a bit of luck again..

We found them close to a dam, from where they started to stalk giraffe in the early morning. After a while they gave up and seemed to settle for the day. A little later, at around 9am, they got up again and walked closer to a herd of impalas as the rutting of the males got their attention. Although they had recently fed they seemed very keen on hunting and soon they were in stalking mode again.

Then two rutting impalas almost ran straight into them. One of the lionesses just watched them as if confused that they were coming towards her and one of the white youngsters did a half-hearted attempt to catch one, but failed.

Just as they were about to settle in at 11am, they watched some vultures flying low and landing nearby, and they all got up again and suddenly rushed off.

We lost them in the thick bush but luckily we managed to relocate and once we drove closer we suddenly noticed one of the white ones up high in a marula tree, feeding on a leopard’s impala kill!
White Lion up a Marula tree
Eating Impala killed by Leopard
As cubs they often climbed in trees and finally these climbing sessions paid off.. Unlike the lionesses (the big one, Matimba as we call her, didn’t even try, the other one barely made it to the first fork but just managed to pull a piece of the carcass down with her..) the youngsters easily managed to climb up in the tree and each one had a feeding session, with the young male being up there for the most part and while he was feeding he was stared at by some giraffes close by..

One white lion even ran towards the giraffes, as if to say; Beat it or I’ll catch you.. And the giraffes didn’t know how quickly to get out of there..

The getting down part was a bit more tricky and they looked rather pathetic in their clumsiness to get back down to the ground..

But their hard work paid off, the youngsters were content.. They all finally settled down at 2pm.
Image Title
… And then we are told by some that lions “sleep” throughout the day..

Hope to give you another update soon,

All the best,
Will and Lianne

PS. the photos attached aren‘t of such great quality, but it‘s just to give you an idea of the sighting and the size of the white lions… For the good stuff, you‘ll have to wait for the film.. 🙂

7 thoughts on “NEWS ON WHITE LIONS

  1. Thanks to you all for such intereting news. Great tracking and beautiful shots!

    Best wishes to all the team.

  2. Really glad to get the update because we were lucky enough to have great sightings of the cubs when we were out with Patrick last August. It’s great to know they are thriving.

    Melissa, how are the wildcats doing? I hope they are OK, they were so adorable.

    Love to all,


  3. Wow, how I miss being there, we are trying to plan on 2013, I have never enjoyed a vacation quite like this one

  4. Per Kathy….we also plan on a return trip in 2013. Will just have to live vicariously thru the blog and am so thankful for all the great posts.

    Yes, how are the wild cats? We were in KC last August and cuddled two of them. Hope they are well and thriving.

    Unfortunately we did not see the white lions. Will and Lianne, we did see you out in the field last August while Patrick was tracking the pride. Your dedication is an inspiration. Can’t wait to see the "finished product".

    Everyone: If you have not yet seen the movie "African Cats" do so. It is a bit "sanitized" but ever-so wonderful to see the lions and cheetah mom raise and potect their young. Incredible photography.

    Liefs to you all. Joy, Camarillo, CA

  5. Thank you for sharing this Melissa. I am happy to see that the pride is thriving. They look to be in fine condition.

  6. Thank you – great news to know they are all fine. We were lucky enough to see them in January this year on a trip to Java/Motswari and they sure have grown.

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