Nico is teasing the taste buds!!

By Morné Hamlyn on March 17, 2011

Our executive chef, Nico Hoggers, entered a competition with one of his vegetarian dishes….

Please follow the link by clicking HERE to open on his page and vote for it on the bottom…

This is what his ‘Mediterranean veg spring roll’ looks like;

Mediterranean veg spring roll

Take care,

Morné’ Hamlyn

8 thoughts on “Nico is teasing the taste buds!!

  1. I can hardly wait to return to Kings Camp to taste the enticing morsel! You go Morné’! Keep up your yummy creations!

    And Happy St. Patrick’s day to you and all at the camp!


    Dorothy Chang Van Horn

    Manhattan Beach

    17 March 2011

  2. Dorothy – We will be sure to tell Nico you are looking forward to his food and that you say to keep up with the creations.

    Standby Crew – The link is fixed…

    Remember everyone you can Vote for Nico’s Creation EVERY DAY to add more votes!

    Thank you to those of you that have already voted and for those votes still comming in!

  3. Looks like the link is fixed now

    Thank you for every body that has been voting for my dish up to now. Remember that you can vote once a day.

    You are more than welcome to try this dish at home to wow your friends and family

  4. YUM! Hope we can try this on our next visit to KC! For some reason, I did not receive this posting and just happened to look at the KC blog to see what is going on Sure glad I did!

    Joy, Camarillo, Ca

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