Nkateko leopard cub (most recent images)

By Patrick O’Brien on April 6, 2009

These are the most recent images of our most priced leopard cub,

Nkateko the daughter of the most charismatic leopardess in Timbavati the Rockfig leopardess.

The leopard cub has been on her own for nearly 4 days and she appears to be fairly content on her own. That is of course until mom makes a return to her natal area. Most mothers can spend a lot of time away from her cubs in order to provide sufficient food for the demanding cub.

Enjoy the set of images especially the close up of her face. How captivating is this gorgeous leopard cub.

By Patrick O‘Brien Head guide.
Nkateko a dramatic look.By Patrick O‘Brien Head guide.
 Nkateko looking out for mom.By Patrick O‘Brien Head guide.
 Nkateko captivating and gorgeous.

12 thoughts on “Nkateko leopard cub (most recent images)

  1. O M G Patrick!! what a beautiful set of pics ! You really know how to capture her at her best! Thank you for sharing with us. I hope Rockfig returns to her soon though!

    Thanks again Patrick…and please keep those pics coming…much appreciated.

  2. She looks absolutely adorable, You have captured her just perfectly Patrick. Keep these imagages coming as they remind me of the fantastic time I had at Kings.

  3. What pictures! especially the!

    How much did you pay "her" to pose? it looks very professional!

    My compliments Patrick!

  4. Damn Patrick . . . these pics are so good! I see a canvas print in her future. Are you receiving my e-mails? Some important information contained within.



  5. Hi Patrick,

    You have outdone yourself this time…..stunning pictures…….she is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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