Nkateko leopardess

By Patrick O’Brien on September 28, 2009

Our little gem Nkateko leopardess manage to surprise us all

by taking down her first adult female impala a few days ago. (Keeping in mind that she is only 22 months old) The kill only lasted a few hours before the high-dam hyeana clan took the carcass away from her. She failed to take it up a tree due to the heavy weight of the carcass.
Although she lost the kill it remains a good learning curve for Nkateko.
Nkateko leopardess by Patrick O'Brien

5 thoughts on “Nkateko leopardess

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Good for her and good to receive an update via the blog. They grow up so fast don’t they?



  2. Great to hear she is honing her hunting skills. She is just beautiful…and growing up so fast ! Does she still hang around with, or depend on, her mother? or do they now compete for kills.

    As always, thanks for sharing…its always great to see updated photos of an animal I’ve actually "met".

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