Nkateko toys with a baby impala

By Morné Hamlyn on November 28, 2009

The cub like behaviour is still in her…

We found Nkateko on the afternoon drive yesterday chasing and toying with a helpless baby impala. This chase and pounce “game” carried on for about 1hr & 30min. before she finally killed and ate it.
Chasing it through the bushMoving to the dainage line
Wake up!Are you looking at me?
Run......and catch!
Finding Just before she ate it...

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2 thoughts on “Nkateko toys with a baby impala

  1. On the one hand Im glad I missed (poor Baby impala) it but on the other I wish I had been there to see it (Yay for Nkateko)….

    Thanks for sharing…

    Ek Lief Jou!

  2. They are some fantastic shots Morné! Even though it must have been difficult to watch in some ways, thats what the bush is all about; life and death.

    Missing you all!


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