Ntombi Leopardess

By Patrick O’Brien on October 4, 2008

Claiming her dwelling as a resident female.

I have no doubt that Ntombi will be came one of the most view female leopards of the Kings Camp area in the future. She is fast becoming a frequently sighted leopard as she frequents the northern part of Kings Camp.

One of the most common spots is a dam located north east of the camp. At this moment it seems to be overlapping with the older and more powerful Rockfig leopardess. Rockfig leopardess has a very young cub and I think she will move her cub to saver ground if the overlapping area becomes unstable.

I took these images of Ntombi as she marked her territory on a dead tree. She was so close that I had to zoom out get this unusual shot of her. Notice the long whiskers.

Patrick O‘Brien- Head guide Kings Camp.
Ntombi as she marked her territory-Patrick O‘Brien- Head guide Kings Camp
Ntombi as she marked her territory-Patrick O‘Brien- Head guide Kings Camp

4 thoughts on “Ntombi Leopardess

  1. Ntombi is my all time favorit leopard and I am so glad that she is making the space her own!!

    Thanks for the update Pat!!

  2. Thanks for the update Patrick-I have some great photos of her that I took in September on one of our morning drives-I wish I could figure out how to upload them on the site! Keep yours coming…

  3. Hi Silvia. I noticed that you tried to post an article this morning and then deleted it. I will help you get your images onto the weblog successfully. I will email you directly shortly.

    Please make sure you are logged in with your username and password before posting comments. That way you will not be required to display your email address to the public.

  4. Really beautiful and clear photos of the Ntombil Leopardess. The detail you caputre through your lens is captivating.

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