Ntombi leopardess at the top

By Patrick O’Brien on July 6, 2009

Ntombi leopardess produced several exciting sightings during the last few days.

The most recent was when she killed a grey duiker which she successful wedge in the fork of a tree

I manage to capture the following images of here. I was fortune to share the great sighting with two enthusiastic wildlife photographers Steve and Paul Mandel that spend 7 days with me photography wildlife.


Patrick – Head Guide
Ntombi leopardess descending - by Patrick O'Brien
Ntombi leopardess descending - by Patrick O'Brien

7 thoughts on “Ntombi leopardess at the top

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing . . . question for you. Do leopards tend to use the same trees to stash their kills? Just curious . . .



  2. Hi Todd.

    No, leopards do not use the same tree over. If they do it would be by chance only.

    Normally where the kill is made the leopard will usually place the carcass in the nearest tree that is large enough to hold the prey and the leopard.

    An interesting fact though is that leopards prefer to use Marula trees. This is because the braches are normally wide and the surface is is good to rest on.



  3. great shots of a great leopard patrick, wonderful light and colours…wish they were in my collection!

  4. Beautiful photographs Patrick. The first image is especially amazing, as you caught Ntombi in mid-flight.

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