Ntombi leopardess hunting

By Patrick O’Brien on April 19, 2008

During the early hours of the morning drive

ranger Colbert located Ntombi strolling south towards elephant dam. As we arrived to take over from Colbert Ntombi began to stalk towards an open field. Only as we got closer I notice the hairy back of 4 warthogs. She carefully leopard crawled towards the hogs which were total oblivious of the danger. Within meters to spare she charge forward at lighting speed only to abruptly end the attack as she discovered they were a little out of her league. They were just too big for the eager little 2 year old. Although the hunt failed it was still great to the see the steps taken by the leopardess to set up the kill. It was like watching discovery channel from the front seat.

By Patrick O‘Brien

Nthombi leopardess standing tall by Patrick O'Brien.

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