Ntombi Leopardess

By Morné Hamlyn on June 27, 2008

This young female impress us more every time we see her!

She is expanding her territory daily and judging by her ambitious scent marking she is having so much fun doing so!
Rubbing the trees, Photography, Morné Hamlyn
She is one of the most entertaining leopards around and we can’t wait for her to reach sexual maturity so that she can raise cubs in this area…
Photography, Morné Hamlyn

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3 thoughts on “Ntombi Leopardess

  1. My Goodness but she is beautiful! Morné, one of the Operators I saw in Spain voted you and Hannes(Leopard Hills) the best rangers he has ever been on game drive with. Well done and keep it up.. Your photos are just too incredible for words!!

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