Ntombi Leopards

By Patrick O’Brien on September 27, 2008

Ntombi leopardess caught a grey duiker during a cool spring morning.

She immediately hosted her price kill up a huge Leadwood tree. I assume she might have been placed under pressure from a local clan of Hyenas.

Her next move was to relocate the carcass to a tree with foliage, this they do to get cover so that the carcass remain hidden.

However during this time of the year her choices are limited and she decided that a Marula tree had to do the job.

This morning we had a amazing sighting of her feeding and playing with her food. This is a mere 5 minutes drive from the camp.

She kept the guests entertained for hours. Att one stage she tried to take the carcass out of the tree but failed as it got hooked on a branch.

Enjoy these interesting and laughable images of her trying to remove the carcass.
Ntombi resting. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide
Ntombi wrestling with the carcass By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide
Ntombi wrestling with the carcass By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide

5 thoughts on “Ntombi Leopards

  1. Awesome Patrick! The leopard sightings have been so spetacular this year, no? The images that you are capturing are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing . . . I hope all is well.


  2. We love seeing the leopards, too. They are so spectacular. We were fortunate to see several with Cynet and Morné and these great shots keep King’s Camp alive for us here in the U.S. Thanks…Kristin and Keith

  3. Oh,Patrick, these are wonderful! The first pic is especially splendid! Reminds me of our last sighting the morning we left KC in Aug 07. You are so lucky to do what you do for a living!

  4. The first photo is fantastic. You totally captured a mood and expression. I can feel Ntombi’s sleepiness. Well done!

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