Ntombi visits us in camp!

By Morné Hamlyn on September 18, 2010

At 15:35 on the 16th of September Ntombi visited camp between Room 11 and the Therapy lapa. Pat left the camp first on drive and found her just as she was heading towards Room 11…

Armed with a hand-held radio Melissa helped Pat and I to co-ordinate her movements through the camp. We shared an amazing sighting with our guests and I managed to get a few pictures!
On the pathway between Nr. 9 & 10Looking at Melissa, Nico and Tristan from the therapy room
On the beam back out. Room 10 on the backgroundThanks for the visit, see you soon!


Chat soon.

Morné Hamlyn

10 thoughts on “Ntombi visits us in camp!

  1. Wow !! what a clever little devil….walking the beam like that!

    This must have just been amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards.


    ps…for sure I wish I was there!

  2. WOW – amazing! When I was in camp, an elephant visited in the middle of the night and the only person that saw him was the woman next door because he made such a ruckus while he was eating the vegetarian over the wall of her outside shower, she had to investigate the source of the noise. The next morning, he left evidence of his visit for the rest of us to see – torn leaves and trees that ha dbeen his late-night snack. We had lively breakfast conversation that day! Kathy

  3. Its been almost a year since we spent time with you at Kings Camp. Anne & I love your updates and photos of going ons at Kings Camp. Thank you and please keep up the photos coming.

  4. what an amazing sight, you really must have enjoyed that Melissa! Nice shots Morné, it can’t have been easy to catch her on camera.

    Love to all

    Lynda & Phil

  5. How exciting that must have been! It has been five years this fall since my daughter and I were at Kings Camp…keep those photos coming. Enjoy reliving my fabulous stay with you all. Carolyn Tanner

  6. A Leopard in the camp is awesome. I cannot believe how brave Ntombi is.

    You and your guest must have enjoyed this thrilling moment. I recall Ntombi as a cub hidden in a rock cave.

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