Official photo’s of our wedding

By Morné Hamlyn on May 7, 2010

As promised! Here are some photo’s taken on our special day…

The news paperEaster eggs as favours
Table settingTHE cake
My beautiful wife20 minutes LATE
FinallyUnder the Sycamore Fig...
A long time coming...Do you? I, do!
Do you? I, do!Sand ceremony
Our sand unitedImage Title
Bubble confettiBubbles
More bubbles
Paper workWhith our parents
Happy daysIt's all legal
Posing with Juba the Cheetah:
Image TitleImage Title
Image Title
General Photo’s:
My brideMoholoholo YaMati
Road to nowhere?Happy in the bush at the Drakensberg

Thanks to Noél Kloppers for the photography! Henk Honiball did our video.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

Morné & Melissa Hamlyn

12 thoughts on “Official photo’s of our wedding

  1. Bob & Anne Manktelow Mississauga Ontario Canada

    What a beautiful couple my your lives be full of happiness and good health, thanks for sharing, wish we were there.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us! You both looked so radiant and relaxed. May you be blessed with a long happy healthy marriage.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Thank you to you both for sharing your magic Day in the bush!

    We are delighted by your happiness and we wish you a life full of love and wonderful surprises!

  4. Once again congratulations to you both.Looks like you had a great day , thankyou for sharing your wonderfull photos with everyone.

    All the best love Sally and peter.

  5. Loved every single pic! Especially with you and Juba. What a beautiful couple you two make. Cheers and many years of happiness to you both!

    See ya in August! 🙂

    Joy in Camarillo

  6. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful day. Melissa, you look so beautiful and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised how well Morné cleaned-up!

    May you both continue to cherish and love each other always as you embark on life’s journey together.



    p.s. I expect to hear about more baby "squirrels" in the future.

  7. Thank you for sharing your photos. Beautiful bride and handsome groom.

    Many years of happiness from Camp Run-a-Muck.

    Anne CD

  8. Those are beautiful photographs of your wedding. Thank you for sharing them with us. May you have a long happy, healthy and prosperous marriage.

    Morné it is a bride`s perogative to keep you waiting!..keeps you hungry!

  9. What a magical and memorable day you enjoyed. The photos are stunning, as are the bride and groom. I wish you a wonderul life filled with love and adventure.

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