Our Kings Camp experience – Chris Parker

By Kings Camp Team on September 8, 2011

We recently attended Kings Camp as part of our first African visit, to celebrate our Silver Wedding

We have just had the fortune to visit Africa for the first time. As part of our circular tour we spent four nights at Kings Camp. We were so pleased that we chose this venue for our safari. Fom the moment we were greeted by Tristan, on arrival right throughout our game drives hosted by MornĂ©, we were treated to the best a safari lodge can offer. In MornĂ© we learnt so much whilst having fun, and being a keen photographer were so impressed at the camera angles he manoeuvred us into whilst respecting the wildlife’s space. We hope to go back one day, but will always cherish the visit and have taken with us so many memories. The attention to detail throughout was superb in all areas, and the staff so friendly. Thank you all so much and have attached several photos from our time there.
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4 thoughts on “Our Kings Camp experience – Chris Parker

  1. Great to hear of your experiences at King’s Camp Chris. Just love seeing photo’s of big cats. Hopefully we will get the same experience during our first visit to Kings Camp in April/May 2012….can’t wait.


    Rob & Vicki

  2. I visited KingsCamp in 2009 and had the same wonderful experience…it shows just how consistent the staff is in their goal to offer their guests a safari to remember!

    Thanks for sharing…you sure got some great photos.

    Kindest regards.


  3. Hi Rob & Vicki

    Sure you will love it. Followed the weblog for a few months before I went and hoped it would be as good as the photos show… was in every way, big cats were incredible, but the elephants gave us a lot of laughs. Game drives so exciting, but all of the staff contribute to make it a very special place



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