Our mighty Lions

By Morné Hamlyn on May 13, 2008

Lion sightings over the last two days was out of this world…

We had frequent sightings from both resident prides in our traversing.

The Machaton pride decided to spend more time in the Kings Camp area since we had two herds of Cape Buffalo grazing around the big dams over the last week. On one occation they got lucky to kill two calves out of the herd. They fed off this for half a night and was viciously chased away by two nomadic males that wandered in.
Machaton pride feeding. Morné Hamlyn, 2008.
The Schobele pride seems to be getting just enough food to stay alive. It is about time for the young ones to grow a bit more to help with hunting for larger prey…LOL
Schobele pride in front of Pat's vehicle. Morné Hamlyn, 2008.



2 thoughts on “Our mighty Lions

  1. Anyone know what the status is of the old Shobele monarch is? Has he passed on or? Also, his son who made his first big kill last August – how is he doing? Is he named?

  2. The Schobele male is still doing his very best to keep other males out of the little territory he still defends. He is still in very good nick and should provide us with many more sightings!

    The ‘son’ you are referring to is the Machaton male. He is still around and is trying to claim a piece of vacant terrain in the area….



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