Pictorial update of the last week @ Kings Camp…

By Morné Hamlyn on October 10, 2009

Just a nice selection of photographs I took in the last week…

Ntombi femaleTerritorial patrol
M'bali femaleNtombi on look out
Ntombi drinking waterNkateko female
Machaton prideTimbavati Boy
Schobele youngsters drinkingTimbavati sunset
Elephants in the NhlaralumiWresteling bulls
Cape Buffalo bullLarge breeding group of Buffalo
White Rhino bullSpotted Hyena cub @ new den
Hippo bull close to Makulu damPlains Zebra's

See you soon!
Morné Hamlyn

9 thoughts on “Pictorial update of the last week @ Kings Camp…

  1. Hi to all at Kings….

    Looks like you having awesome viewing at the moment…the pics are stunning!! Keep well…


    Drew, Brian & Mia

  2. Hello Morné,

    I hope you and Melissa are well. Great to see you on the blog again. Awesome pics! Just goes to show the greay diversity of wildlife Timbavati/Kings has to offer. Have a cold beer at JoesMacs on me.



  3. Hi Morné,

    We never met you, spent our time at Kings Camp with Patrick, but you have some really beautiful photographs. Between you and Patrick there must be one of the best collections in Africa!

  4. nice shots mate! like the one of nthombi drinking….which waterhole?? also the buffalo herd at machaton dam is great

  5. I am wistful at seeing these. Want to return to King’s. We miss you, Morné, and Cynet. The Timbavati boy has grown since we were there in 2008! Hope to see you again in the next couple of years

  6. Those photos warm my heart because they remind me of my having been there at Kings Camp this past end of June to the beginning of July. The shots are so exquisite. They show the beauty of Mother Nature. I was fortunate to have had

    the chance to finally visit South Africa and clearly understand my friends’ (Chris and Babara) love affair with Africa!

  7. Really wonderful photos Morné. Thank you for sharing. I cannot believe you spied a Hippo out of the water. I especially enjoyed the sunset that you captured.

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