Ranger in the Making & a Beautiful Ballerina

By Kings Camp Team on November 29, 2011

It is with Great Pride that we share this with you…

Most of you have had the pleasure of meeting Warren & Lisha’s children Cathan & Sveva. They have always been a big part of our Bush Family at Kings Camp and we are very proud of their most recent achievements and wanted to share them with you…

Cathan received two Awards from Southern Cross School:
Cathan Receiving His Awards
The first is the “Eco Warrior” Award for His Love of and interest in the Enviroment. He has Extensive knowledge of all wildlife and often amazes his teachers with in depth detail relating to nature. He is a worthy recipient of this award.
The Second is the “Rhino Award” for Trying really hard to prepare his speeches to the highest standard and he has wored consistently in learning the names of many birds and trees.
Cathan With His Two Awards
We are also very proud of Sveva who took part in her very first Ballet Recital. She showed that she is a natral born Ballerina and remembered all the dance moves her teacher taught her.
Sveva the Ballerina
All of the Kings Camp Family would like to say “Well Done Cathan & Sveva!! Keep up the Great work!”

7 thoughts on “Ranger in the Making & a Beautiful Ballerina

  1. Big CONGRATS to both Cathan & Sveva!!! If Cathan does not end up having a career that has something to do with the environment, I will be very surprised.

  2. Cathan and Sveva–OUTSTANDING!!!!

    Your mom and dad must be very proud of you both and of your achievements!


  3. Nothing cuter than a pretty-in-pink ballerina!

    Nothing more heartwarming than a young man sooo focused on wildlife!

    Great work Sveva and Cathan….and kudos to your parents for guiding you.



  4. How exciting to receive great news from the younger generation. Mom and Dad, I am sure, are justifiably proud.

    Anne (CD)

    Camp Run-a-Muck

  5. Hi Cathan, congratulations on your two awards. I agree that you are an Eco Warrior.

    Hi Sveva, not only are you are Princess, but you are also a ballerina now.

    Warren and Lisha, you must be very proud of your family.

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