Rangere report september 2014

By jade on October 6, 2014

Good day nature lovers

As normal game viewing has been exceptional in the Timbavati. Right now it is extremely dry here, allowing us guides to see far into the bush and the short grass gives our trackers a chance to track faster and being more successful. A big thank you to these guys our trackers, who spend many hours on foot looking for these amazing animals for us. The bush has turned once more a dull looking landscape except for a few gorgeous flowering plants and trees which stand out like illuminated Christmas trees. Natural occurring water sources are almost nonexistent proving how important our pumped waterholes area for game viewing in the area. We are hoping for some rain to transform this place into a tropical bushland. We are also awaiting the rest of our colourful feathered summer visitors.

Big game viewing has been incredible the whole winter and September being no acceptation. Always lots of elephants around this time of the year, very often around watering holes or digging for water in the dry riverbeds. If they are not drinking, they are more than likely giving a tree a good make over striping the bark to get to their “niesch” product the cambium layer.                                                       Great sighting of rhinos enjoyed by our kings’ camp guests, sometimes 7 of them standing together which is really special considering what’s going on in the world regarding rhinos.                             Leopard sightings have been plenty with “Ntombis” cubs becoming totally independent mature leopards and moving further away into the northern areas. “Rock fig jr.” is doing well with her cub and the “Marula” leopardess is denning her 2 cubs safely outside our traversing area for the moment.     Wild dogs are still giving us regular visits and the 4 pups are still alive but one has a serious issue with its back leg, we hope for a miracle.

The “Mbandi” male lions have established dominance giving us much opportunity to view their business. The “Machaton” female which is the female of the “Mbanbis” should give birth anytime now. Guests have also been getting some visuals of neighboring lion prides towards our south and west, namely the “Ross” pride lions.

An absolute highlight was an invitation way to the south west to go see the white lion pride which now has cubs. This is history in the making first time ever a white lioness has given birth to white lion cubs, all others come from tawny lionesses. It is truly amazing to see a white lion in the wild but to see a lioness with 3 white cubs and ONE tawny cub is absolutely incredible. This was something that was appreciated by all and much spoken of as one can imagine.

Again it’s been an amazing month’s game viewing. Days beginning with perfect sunrises followed by clear blue skies and warm temperatures then again in the evening a magical African sunset, in between some prime game viewing and relaxation. Hope to have you joining us soon for a safari in the Timbavati.

Jade, Kings camp guide

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