Rangers Report April 2017: The Bush at its Best.

By Grant Murphy on May 30, 2017
Pic Of The Month.

How time flies, nearly end of May, little late with this update but looking to the positive you will get a double dose as Almero will be loading Mays wrap up in the next couple of days. This time of year, is a personal favorite of mine, the days begin to shorten and the temperatures begin to subside as we escape the oppressive heat of summer. This year we have been fortunate as we received good late rains and this should give a lease of life to autumn with the grass flushing green one last time and the trees holding onto their leaves that little bit longer. The light is another wonderful thing about this time of year, as the dust begins to accumulate in the atmosphere after a warm day, it sets it up for the most magnificent sunsets that set the horizon ablaze in hues of deep red, orange and golden yellow. The mornings are set off in twilight with the sun slowly crawling over the horizon not to as much grandeur as sunset but more soft pastel colors of gold and yellow. The art of game drive at this time of year is to find yourself a subject to be bathed in this magnificent light.

I’ll not lie as this month has been a challenge, as the late rains has had their advantages it did come with a few disadvantages. We have had to work hard for our sightings but they have been well worth the effort and it’s been a month of quality as opposed to quantity. Looking at the bigger picture the rains will set us up very nicely for late winter providing feed for all our animals that are still trying to recover from the drought of the past two years.

Instead of myself trying to put eloquently descriptive words together to paint a picture, that at the end of the day will never do the sightings justice, I thought I’d let a few pictures below tell the story of our past month.

DPP_0038 DPP_0037 DPP_0036 DPP_0035 DPP_0034 DPP_0033 DPP_0032 DPP_0031 DPP_0030 DPP_0029 DPP_0028 DPP_0027 DPP_0025 DPP_0024 DPP_0023 DPP_0022 DPP_0021 DPP_0020 DPP_0019 DPP_0018 DPP_0017 DPP_0016

                                 NEXT COUPLE OF PICTURES ARE NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS.DPP_0015 DPP_0014 DPP_0013 DPP_0012 DPP_0011 DPP_0010 DPP_0009 DPP_0008 DPP_0007 DPP_0006 DPP_0005 DPP_0004 DPP_0003 DPP_0002 DPP_0001

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