Rangers report July 2014

By jade on August 11, 2014

Good day Kings Camp followers. Yet another incredible game viewing month has flown by us here in the Timbavati. The weather has been really gorgeous with every day perfect blue skies making clouds a rare sighting. Mornings have been extremely fresh especially with the slow pace of our Land Rovers driving through the bush pushing cold air past our sensitive ears. Bush has become very dry and golden with the only bits of summer colour coming from the “tie die bird” the Lilac Breasted Roller and the most beautiful flower the Impala Lillis. Natural watering holes are dry or muddy leaving our pumped dams little hubs for game.

Sightings have been many every day. Leopards with cubs, we already have heard about “Rock Fig Jnr”. Also the “Marula” female leopardess has given birth to 2 cubs. Let’s all hope they have a good start and successful life here in the Timbavati. Two groups of 2 male lions have been killing many buffalo close to the lodge providing amazing lion sighting on kills. The most exciting sighting must be our 4 wild dog pups in the south,that have now revealed themselves for all of us to see. This is truly a remarkable privilege to witness these animals rearing their young in our presence. We too wish these animals well!

So please join us soon where lions roar and elephants roam.

Jade, Kings Camp Guide

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