Remember. Mhashele

By Patrick O’Brien on March 16, 2010

No…. that is his name. Remember, no one forgets it…..

Remember has earned the title of the top tracker of the month without a doubt. His superb tracking skill ensured that our guests got to see the white lions of the Timbavati several times during the week.

In fact, without asking him, on his own accord left camp hours earlier than the normal game drive time to start tracking the lions on foot.

Each time he found the most sought after pride in the Timbavati if not in South Africa, “The Kubasa pride” (the White pride).

Well-done Remember, your dedication is a rare quality. You are a great tracker and a pleasure to work with.


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7 thoughts on “Remember. Mhashele

  1. Congrats Remember!! You’ve certainly earned Tracker of the Month. While many of us around the world view the weblog photos of these beautiful animals, we forget how much work folks like you put into tracking and finding them. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Many thanks.

    Good work Kingcamp!!

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kind regards,


  2. Remember was tracker for our family in June of 2008 and he was amazing! We saw more lions than we ever dreamed we would see! Cynet or Morné would drop Remember off somewhere with just a walkie-talkie and it wasn’t too long before he would find the lions! He’s such a great guy, too! Congratulations, Remember, you deserve it!

  3. Well done Remember! Very nice of you (Patrick) to give "props" to the tracking team. They take huge risks everyday so we (the guests) can have a great experience . . . so often overlooked in the grand scheme.

    The whole team is awesome!


  4. A very talented young man indeed! your efforts are greatly appreciated by all in the timbavati…keep up the good work mate!

  5. Remember, congratulations on your well-deserved recognition. Not only are you expert and experienced, but you are friendly and fun.You dedication to providing your guests with a great experience is admirable.

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