Rhino Ear Notching & Micro Chipping

By Dean Robinson on June 21, 2013
Dr Rogers

A couple of days ago we were lucky enough to be invited by the ecologist of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve to join them whilst doing something to help save the rhino population in South Africa. We took the in camp guests along to view the micro chipping and ear notching of two rhino bulls, so that they may easily be identified. Not only was it an incredible experience for the guests but so too for the guides and trackers who got a chance to touch this amazing animal.

Cynet up close & personal
Selby smiling after touching the rhino
Dean with sedated rhino

3 thoughts on “Rhino Ear Notching & Micro Chipping

  1. What an incredible and special thing to watch. So pray that this will help eliminate the revolting practice of killing these magnificent animals.

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