Rockfig and Nkateko

By Patrick O’Brien on May 16, 2009

This superb sighting lasted more than an hour.

A few days ago I had the privilege of following Rockfig leopardess and little Nkateko for more than an hour. Our guests were stunned with her relaxed nature. The night before mom killed an adult impala ram, which she failed to place in a tree. The next morning she lost the kill to 5 hyenas. To prevent unnecessary injury to little Nkateko mom decided to head north were it was safer.

During the time we followed the two leopards we watch the two chase and play with each other. It was like watching a discovery channel program.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head guide
Early morning sunrise behind Nkateko. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Nkateko rubbing her face on a stump. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Nkateko chasing after mom. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Rockfig spraying a bush, part of marking her territory. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide

4 thoughts on “Rockfig and Nkateko

  1. Patrick. You are such a beautiful photographer. Your ability to capture these stunning animals brings so much joy and offers such insight. I can’t wait to Safari again. K

  2. More great pictures. Patrick you are so lucky in what you do! We cant wait to return next year and see how things have progressed, it’s great to be able to follow events through you and your camera. Thank you.

    Phil & Lynda James

  3. Patrick, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos….it keeps my dream alive…feels like I’m still right there !! You really capture them at their very best.

    Stay well, stay safe.

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