Rockfig Jnr Leopardess

By Patrick O’Brien on November 20, 2008

Once her price kill was consumed…

she moved back to the southern part of her territory. This is just as good as 2 days later the larger and more commanding mother the Rockfig adult made an appearance in the same area.

This is dangerous waters for Rockfig Jnr as Rockfig adult will act aggressively towards any female leopard due to the fact that she has a 8 month old leopard cub accompanying her.

By Patrick O‘Brien – head guide.

Copyright 2008

Rockfig Jnr leopardess. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head Guide. Copyright 2008

2 thoughts on “Rockfig Jnr Leopardess

  1. Interesting development (potentially). Reading the blogs from you and Morné on the local residents is better than any pop culture T.V. back here in the states!

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