Royal Blood!!

By Morné Hamlyn on July 16, 2008

This is it…

The follow-up on the story I couldn’t upload pictures of on the 11/07/08… Enjoy!!

What started as a very quiet morning drive ended amazing!

I was on my way to a sighting of a big male leopard but found the Rockfig jr. female sitting next to the road, “waiting for us”, instead. We followed her for about 45 minutes and she gave us brilliant opportunities for photographs…

Pure beauty. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
We missed the male, but because of that we encountered another awsome sighting!

Timbavati nomads. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
We arrived on scene just as the Timbavati brothers chased the Machaton pride off a Buffalo they killed a bit earlier. There was all sorts of action…

The brothers and the pride had their work cut out for them once the local Hyena clan showed up. There was lots of chasing and fighting and eventually the Hyenas and the lionesses moved further away from the kill…
The chase... Photography, Morné Hamlyn
Once that was all taken care of the brothers sorted feeding positions amongst each other out and settled for a feed…
Looking for the best spot! Photography, Morné Hamlyn

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5 thoughts on “Royal Blood!!

  1. Every drive is certainly full of exitment, but this one must have been very very special, wow!! Wish I was there!

  2. What a day that must have been. I envy your guests! Hope they truly appreciated what they witnessed.

    Joy, Camarillo CA

  3. Africa is awesome. To witness all of these amazing sightings in one morning is extraordianry and exciting.

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