Salads are an Event not a Side-line

By Kings Camp Team on September 24, 2014

Yellow SaladWe have salads at every meal. On boma nights we present 3 salads. There’s the ever popular Greek but for the rest we have to continually come up with new ideas. I know many people think of salads as ‘rabbit food’… wilted lettuce, tomatoes and soggy cucumber are not appealing at all I know. But what about a salad that is good enough to be the main event and should never be relegated to the side?
I think all salads should contain a balance or representative of these elements:
• Something crunchy
• Something sweet
• Something soft, smooth or creamy
• Something savoury
• Something sour
• Something with protein
So for example we have a great salad from The Real Meal Revolution, for all those on the Tim Noakes banting path, this may be familiar. A bed of Savoury Rocket, with Sweet Roasted Butternut, Soft Goats Cheese which also provides the protein element, Crunchy Toasted Sunflower Seeds and a sweet sour lemony sauce… do you see?
What ideas can you come up with? Contact me on and let me know.

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