Schobele king

By Morné Hamlyn on September 19, 2008

This male has no end to his outstanding dominance…

He roared next to the vehicle with all his might to announce his status as the greatest male of the Timbavati in the last eight years!!
Shobele male. Photography, Morné HamlynRoaring! Photography, Morné Hamlyn

Here’s to many more sightings…


4 thoughts on “Schobele king

  1. The Schobele Male is defintely king of Timbavati. Not only is he strong and beautiful, but he is definitly deserving after defending his pride and territory for many years, as well as being the sire to many new generations of offspring. He is a living legend.

  2. What a guy! He will always be numero uno in my book! Thanks, Morné, for sharing these current pics. I was begining to wonder if the grand old man was still around. God willing, we’lll

    be able to see him in 2010 when we plan to return to Timbavati/KC.

    Joy in Camarillo CA.

    Now for my next question. Where has Melinda been lately? I so miss her prose and accounts of the kitchen and her wonderful observations of life in the bush.

  3. Hi Joy, Melinda will be back soon, she has just been on leave and was very busy with the Bush Banquette before she went on leave… But Im sure you can expect to see some of her work very soon……

    Morné, these are LOVELY photo’s of him… Cant wait to see him again on one of my next game drives…. Dankie Liefie Engel…

  4. Hi Morné,

    Thanks for posting the latest of this local legend. I too will always rank him as #1 in terms of being my favorite.

    Did you guys have the bush banquet yet? If so, how did Melinda do?



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