Shobele pride Feeding

By Patrick O’Brien on April 9, 2008

Shobele pride made a kill during the early hours of the morning.

These little cubs were treated to a great meal this morning and it was about time. The pride has been struggling to make large enough kills to feed the cubs frequently.

This morning they were found close to JD camp, a sister camp of Kings Camp. After leaving the pride last night moving from Kings Camp back to their northern territory they came across a bachelor herd of Waterbuck. I can only guess that the kill was made during the early hours of the morning. By the time we found the pride, which was about 08h00 this morning, 70% of the carcass was already consumed.

The cubs were all round from their meal and appeared to be satisfied. I hope this will be the turning point for the pride. Be sure to read the frequent updates, as we will be following the pride intensely this week.

By Patrick O‘Brien
Shobele Cubs by Patrick O'Brien

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