Shobele pride

By Patrick O’Brien on April 25, 2008

The pride is doing well…

Our guests were treated to a terrific sighting recently. The shobele pride was found feeding on the buffalo carcass that Mbali leopardess and her two cubs originally found a week ago.

The lion cubs wasted no time at feeding on the carcass for a few days.

They are looking good and strong now that they had a good sustainable food source for a few days.

Morné and I managed to get between the pride of lions as they socially interacted and groomed each other. It is such a privilege to see lions so close to the vehicle and be able to share it with our guests.

Hope you find the images as invigorating as much as I do.

By Patrick O‘Brien.

Shobele Pride - by Patrick O'BrienShobele Pride resting - by Patrick O'Brien

2 thoughts on “Shobele pride

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Glad to hear the Shobele cubs were able to get some food. Based on Morné’s ranger report, it sounded like they were a little overdue. How is the old male doing?



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