Short but amazing game drive…

By Morné Hamlyn on November 14, 2008

The, much needed, heavy rain this morning turned us back to camp but not before this surprize…

Looking for Buffaloes this morning we crossed paths with the pack of Wild dogs we’ve seen the last few days!

I recall passing some Impala a few minutes before and turned to follow the dogs instantly…

They picked up on the Impala, the chase started and they pulled it down in the river bed just below us!

Happy puppies. Photography, Morné HamlynPhotography, Morné Hamlyn
Photography, Morné Hamlyn
What a short morning!!

Chat soon,


3 thoughts on “Short but amazing game drive…

  1. Yummy… Nice warm impala meat for breakfast….Mmmmm…..

    Very cool sighting…Thanks for sharing..

    Lief Jou!!

  2. Hi Morné. That is so freak’in LEKKER! How lucky for your guests . . . I am jealous.

    Say hello to Melissa!



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