Sighting of the white lionsess

By Patrick O’Brien on January 15, 2012

Finally we had a sighting of the white lioness.

We got lucky one morning when a single white female lioness was found with a young male lion from the original Kubasa Pride. The white lioness is slowly maturing into adulthood and she looks great. The two lions then moved north again during the next few days and was seen traversing on Motswari property. Sightings of them are becoming for frequent again and I hope that this will continue this year.
White lioness
White lioness
Patrick O’Brien Head Giude of Kings Camp.

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7 thoughts on “Sighting of the white lionsess

  1. They were only playful cubs when we saw them, it’s great to see them growing up and surviving the rigours of life in the bush. Maybe soon giving a new generation for us to enjoy. Thanks for the update Patrick and love to all at Kings Camp

  2. Great news and lovely pictures Patrick. She has certainly grown since we saw her in 2010. I hope she and her kin continue to thrive in the beautiful Timbavati. Kindest regards to you and all at Kings Camp.

  3. Such wonderful news!!!! She looks beautiful and strong and healthy. Great photos. Thank you for the update. Best, Irene

  4. Lovely to see pictures of those beautiful cats. Myself and Lara hope they manage to head a bit further south so you can see them with more regularity. What has happened to their mother and her sister? I only saw them once but remember thinking how massive they were!

    Love to all,

    Toby and Lara

  5. wow! What beautiful pictures! It would be an incredible experience to see them….maybe we will be lucky in August!


  6. Hi Pat, I will be very disappointed, if you can?t show them to me in April… 😉 Thanks for the update and beautiful pics! All the best, Verena

  7. What a thrill! May they grow and prosper! Hopefully, they will be around when we come back – in 2013.


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