Sightings from the 1st – 7th September 2010

By Morné Hamlyn on September 9, 2010

We had a great start to September and shared some amazing sightings with our guests!

Apart from the “Big 5”, sightings of general game and some more rare species of creatures were on the list.

Let’s start with some good news. The Machaton lionesses both gave birth and some of my guests and I were very lucky to see the one lioness moving her four new cubs into the thickets of the Machaton river. I managed to get two pictures, but it is not the greatest due to the fact that I did not want to disturb them too much. The cubs are still very young and we will only allow sightings once they are a bit older.
Mom and cubMachaton future
Timbavati Boys:
Night time yawnEarly morning

Staring into the plainsCat nap
Head shakeMorning stroll
Mahlatini males:
Road blockBrothers in arms
Jacaranda lionesses:
Jacaranda lionessWho goes there?
Beautiful Rockfig Jr.Hunting
Wild dogs:
Two packs were seen! One pack of 7 dogs and the other pack had 10 animals.
Blooded faceFocused dog
Unlucky impalaAfican wild dog
Rare beautyLovely light
Southern GiraffeBlue WildebeestFemale Kudu
Cape Buffalo and the rare Yellow-billed oxpecker:
Yellow-billd oxpecker on buffaloYellow- and the more common Red-billed oxpeckers share a buffalo
Other birds:
Yellow-billed hornbillLittle bee-eater
SundownersSouthern cross
Hope you enjoy!

Take care,

Morné Hamlyn

10 thoughts on “Sightings from the 1st – 7th September 2010

  1. wow, looks like the timbavati is pumping! the Big 7 in a couple of days!

    so good to have 2 packs of dogs around…and cheetahs! was that lone one part of the three, or another one?

    and nice to see some cubs – lets just hope those lionesses dont loose them too – what, they havent raised a cub born in the last four years successfully??? last born one to survive was the machaton young male, and that was over 4 years ago???

    I cant wait to be back in the timbavati!

  2. oh yes, and where were the Jacaranda’s? they have been missing in action for a while! last saw a break-off of that pride in June when they had a baby buffalo kill at the northern end of De Luca…see the lionesses occasionaly at ingwelala, but not in the timbavati for a while – nice to have them back!

  3. Great news about the new cubs, hope all goes well. Great pictures too, as usual. Still a bit miffed that we never got to see a cheetah when we were there, but it’s a VERY good excuse to return!! How anybody can say that when they got to see a Serval I don’t know! Keep up the good work guys.

    All the best,

    Lynda & Phil

  4. Wow…fabulous photos with great variety! Thanks Morné for sharing these with us….wish I were there.

    Stay safe, stay well.

    Kindest regards.


  5. Great pictures. So cute lion cubs and family. Birds on buffalo makes me relux.

    I enjoy monthly report every time. Thanks and regards,

  6. Hi Morné,

    Thanks for sharing, you always do a great job showcasing the plethora of species that exist at Kings.

    The photos of the Timbavati boys are exceptional!



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