Spotted Hyena Den at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on October 3, 2008

An update concerning our recent Hyena den discovery.

The species is best known for one of its vocalisations, which resembles the sound of hysterical human laughter. Though often labeled incorrectly as a scavenger, the spotted hyena is actually a powerful hunter, the majority of its nourishment being derived from live prey.

Hyenas are born with their eyes open and teeth already fully developed after a 4 month gestation period.

Spotted hyena milk is very rich, having the highest protein content (14.9%) of any terrestrial carnivore, and the fat content (14.1%) is second only to the polar bear, so unlike lions and wild dogs, they can leave their cubs for about a week without feeding them. Two to six weeks after whelping, young are transported to the communal den. Young depend entirely on milk for about 8 months and are not weaned until 12 to 16 months old. Maturation is at three years, females later than males. Female offspring remain in their natal clan while males leave at around two years.

We hope you find these few facts intresting.
Spotted Hyena and her cub - By Patrick O'Brien Head Guide
Hyena cub By Patrick O'Brien Head Giude Kings Camp
By Patrick O’Brien Head Giude Kings Camp

3 thoughts on “Spotted Hyena Den at Kings Camp

  1. Thank you for this important information accompanying these photos Patrick. You have de-mystified the Spotted Hyenas for me. I do have a new appreciation for these predators.

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