Squirrel rescued at Kings Camp…

By Kings Camp Team on May 6, 2008

A full grown male squirrel landed in one of the staff toilets and almost drowned on Saturday the 2nd of May.

I took the liberty of taking the drenched squirrel into my house and gave him a proper blow dry with my hair dryer. The poor little thing didn’t even move and appreciated the warmth coming from this funny looking thing making a loud noise…I then gave him some tender loving care with a scratch on the tummy and behind the ears, wow did he enjoy that!

He again started to get cold , I decided to switch on my warm blanket and get into the bed with the squirrel covering him with my polar fleece. The wild squirrel realised after about 20 minutes that he is definetely not in his usual environment and started shaking like a leaf. I opened the blankets and tried to pick him up, but he took the opportunity to jump out of bed onto my bedside table. I thought, well you seem to be ok now, so I opened my door and he ran like I’ve never seen a squirrel run back into the bush.

I didn’t even get a thank you, but at least I know I did my good deed for the day…

Anne-Marie Viviers
Beauty Therapist

6 thoughts on “Squirrel rescued at Kings Camp…

  1. Anne, this is one of the most heart warming stories I have heard in a long time. Well done on going to all the effort to help this cute little creature. I am sure he really appreciated it, even though he did not thank you…

  2. Being an animal lover, I would have done exactly the same. When driving I always "brake for squirrels" giving the people driving behind me a small heart attack. Keep up the good work. Maybe put out some nuts and I’m sure your little friend will remember you and visit you often.

    God bless you.

    Charmaine May 8/08

    Will be coming to Kings Camp July 7-10th.

  3. Well done Anne-Marie. I suppose that will make up for the gecko happening. Please don’t try it with a full grown leopard. See you in June at Kings Camp.


    Your Dad.

  4. Anne, Jou bent erg lief! That squirrel must have been in major shock to let you use the hair dryer on him. I’ve tried it on my cats when they get wet in the winter – they are not pleased!

  5. Hi Anne Marie, what a wonderful tale I am sure the squirrel appreciated your kind act – well done!

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