“Stewing pot of steaming guilt!”

By Kings Camp Team on April 1, 2008

More news from our Kitchen!!!

Having guests stay for x-amount of days might turn out to be a daunting task, but the thing that bugs me the most is the mouths of our hard working staff that needs to be fed for many more non-ending days.

It just so happens that its part of my job to keep those happy who keep the guests happy, especially when it comes to their tummies!
It definitely is a challenge since most of them have been raised with mother‘s "stewing pot of steaming healthy guilt"!
Trying to take a bit of the "guilt" out of our cooking, we try to incorporate as much fresh produce into our meals as we can.
Some people might frown upon the idea of putting sweet melon into a Parma Ham Salad, but the returning empty plates prove otherwise.
I have to say that I have never been asked why I do something different with the food I serve, I suppose that‘s why guests don‘t really ask why they are deliberately placed within 1 foot of a roaring hungry lion!
The answer is simple I believe, we give our guests the unexpected, the exiting, the "out of the ordinary" experience when it comes to our wildlife, and most definitely when it comes to our food!
I like to find a little of my inspiration by those who work with food around me.
Mirriam, who never makes herself something without asking me if I would also like a helping of her motherly creation.
Melissa taking out two cups to make coffee and then asking me if I want the second one and Lisha who knows that I am beyond the point of being busy, (and without bugging me) layers a perfect sandwich for Warren and never forgetting to garnish, even if it just a sandwich.
Day by day I analyse this kind behaviour-
I look at Mirriam, and like her, I will cook the things that I love.
I copy Melissa and send out tea trays with an extra biscuit, and maybe, without the guests knowing, I will share a cup of tea with them.
And I will have a finer touch like Lisha and give you an artwork for a salad, even if it is just a salad!
I really don‘t mind feeding the staff and keeping them happy, because in their own small way they do their best to keep me happy.
I suppose the fuss is all worth it, especially when a ranger (who should be tired of my cooking by now!) Not only orders a dessert but orders it in a super size!
So the point that I so indistinctly want to share with you in this small titbit in the comings and goings of the Kings Camp Food, is that the beautiful path to the heart of Africa might very well be through its stomach, and yes you guessed right, it‘s the Kitchen!

3 thoughts on ““Stewing pot of steaming guilt!”

  1. Its good to know that I inspire someone even if it is just a little. Thank you Melinda… Great Write!

  2. I love reading your stories Melinda. They are so refreshingly different and I love your style…

    It is so nice to hear news from a different, but equally important part of the Kings Camp operation. We look forward to more from you…

  3. Melinda, I can not wait to taste all your creations when I am there at the end of the month!! My mouth is watering just thinking of the surprises you will be serving us!! You obviously cook with loads of love.. I look forward seeing you at Kings Camp.

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