Summer Sorbets at Kings Camp

By Kings Camp Team on November 25, 2014

strawberry and basil sorbetThe heat and the storms of summer are finally here and we can settle into the routine of hot and humid days, cooled hopefully, by gorgeous evening thundershowers. The bush and the animals are calling for rain so please join us in a little rain dance.

Serving desserts on such hot days is always tricky – sugar warms the body and leaves one feeling hot and listless. So a cooling, not too sweet, sorbet is an obvious choice. Shop bought Sorbets are not great and obviously we can’t pop out to our nearest Gelateria, so we have to make them ourselves… thank goodness once again for the Thermomix!

Start with about 300g of the fruit of your choice. Frozen berries work well, Mango is great and the traditional lemon is always a favourite. Add an egg white – this helps keep the sorbet light and fluffy instead of granular. You can add up to 100g of icing sugar or xylitol depending on the sweetness of the fruit and whether you want to keep things totally sugar free. Add 700g of ice in batches and blend like crazy. To blend ice smoothly you need a really powerful blender otherwise you just get smaller chunks of ice and water which is not yummy.

Adding some interesting herbs IS yummy. Why not try Raspberry and Basil, Lemon and Lemongrass, Apple and Mint? The varieties and possibilities are as endless as the long summer days.

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