Ten Years Service

By Warren Moore on March 26, 2008

Kings Camp would like to congratulate

Maggy Magongo and Sinah Mathebula for reaching their tenth year service at Kings Camp. Maggy, presently the Assistant Manageress started out serving in the bar and through her dedication to her job worked herself through the ranks to her present position. Maggy has also managed through a correspondence course over the years to attain a Diploma in Supervisory Management.

Sinah, a very special person who has spent her years in the kitchen is always willing with a big heart to do her best.

Thank you ladies for your dedication, trust and loyalty to Kings Camp. It has been a pleasure working with you and i look forward to the next ten years.

6 thoughts on “Ten Years Service

  1. Well done ladies. That is a huge achievement, and you guys can be really proud of yourselves.

    It is also a great accomplishment in my opinion for the Kings Camp Lodge, as Kings Camp must be providing a good working environment for staff to stay so long. Well done all of you!

  2. Ditto as to what Brendon wrote. We found everyone at Kings Camp to be outstanding!!! and we are already making plans with Tom Robbins to return in (I hope) May of 09.

    This lodge is more than just a "safari camp". It has soul.

  3. From first hand experience, we know what it is like to stand side by side with Staff Members who have given such emence dedication over such a long period, well done to the two ladies, but also well done to Warren and Lisha for creating such a feeling of "home" at Kings Camp.

  4. Congratulations Maggy and Sinah. Maggy, I hope I get to see you when I return in August.



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