Thank You….

By Kings Camp Team on September 6, 2009

We want to say a big Thank You to all at Kings Camp…we got home about a week ago after spending 3 wonderful nights at the Lodge!! Everything was fantastic & we wanted for nothing…

Thanks to Cynet for being so informative & patient while we were watching that young female Leopard hunt….the ending of which was Bitter Sweet! Mia handled it very well for being as young as she is. I thought she was going to end up crying but she is wise to the ways of the bush & understands that predetors hunt, which ends up with other animals being on the menu, she took it in her stride!

To the rest of staff at the lodge, too many to mention but you know who you are, you were awesome…so welcoming & friendly! Toby, I hope that you enjoy thouroughly the rest of your time there. Nico works wonders in the kitchen & even Mias ‘Kiddies Meals’ I could easily have polished off. Thank you Warren & Lisha for your hospitality & for making us feel at home. Please tell Cathan that Mia says ‘Hi’ & she hopes to see him soon!!

It is never pleasant coming back to Jhb after being in the bush & I am just so grateful we live so close…ours hearts yearn, so till the next time, keep well & enjoy your little piece of Heaven!!
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Fond Regards,

Drew, Brian & Mia

11 thoughts on “Thank You….

  1. Drew, thank you for sharing your experiences at Kings Camp and your lovely photos with us. I particularly like the first one, as I find it extremely unusual and stimulating.

  2. nice shots! i am just interested to know who the young male leopard is in images 2-4??? 8&9 are Nkateko, but i dont recognise the young male…thanks for sharing!

  3. Drew, your pics are nothing short of spectacular! I can’t wait to be back in Kings Camp next August. It’s been way too long.

    Cheers, Joy in Camarillo CA

  4. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for letting me know who the little female leopard was…it was an incredible how she took down that duiker as it was quite a size & she is so tiny still! Joy, thanks for the compliments on the photo’s…hope you enjoy your next trip, my word, a whole year to wait, I don’t know if I would cope



  5. Hey Drew, Brian and Mia,

    I’m glad you have made it home safely. I’m still having an amazing time here and everyone is still managing to put up with me!

    I think you’re pictures are fantastic Drew!

    Tanke care guys and visit again soon.

    All the best


  6. Hi Drew

    Your pictures are really impressive and thank you for sharing them on our blog.It was lovely having you viist us and hopefully it wont be the last, Cathan would love to have his friend back soon. Take care and chat soon!

  7. Wow ! stunning pics ! Number 3 is probably my favourite…seldom does one get such a close-up, compact, full-body frontal photo of such a beautiful animal….those eyes are captivating !

    Thanks for sharing…much appreciated.


  8. Camp Run-a-Muck was at King’s Camp at the same time….we had a wonderful time as always. Flat Tyre (Morné) worked his ranger magic…also, many laughs. Thanks Warren and Lisha-I am going to have a Camp Run-a-Muck sign made as you suggested, Warren…for the side of vehicles! Life is very dull after such a wonderful time in Botswana and South Africa. Hopefully, we will be back soon.

  9. Hi Drew!!

    Jared told me about your fabulous photos on here, and sadly…I am just now getting to check them out! They are fantastic, just as he described! 🙂

    How are you??? I hope you are doing well! We are doing great, but missing South Africa already.

    Please give our love to Brian and lil Mia 🙂

    -Jillian and Jared

  10. Hey Jillian,

    So nice to hear from you…I really do need to getting around to sending you an e-mail, will do so soon….I also want to send you guys some pics. Sending lots of love back to you guys & hope you come & visit SA again



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