The Dominant Shobele Male

By Patrick O’Brien on April 12, 2008

Kings camps dominate and notorious Shobele male was forced to step up his patrol this week.

This was due to a threat of two males trying to displace the old and still powerful Shobele male. However their effort was in vain as the Shobele male managed to chase the two nomadic males out of his range without getting involved in a battle.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide

Kings camps dominate and notorious Shobele male - Patrick O'Brien

3 thoughts on “The Dominant Shobele Male

  1. Long live the Shobele male! I hope I get the opportunity to see him (again) when I return to the camp in August ’08.

  2. He will always be "The King" in my book.

    Loved seeing and reading about the Shoble pride in your previous post. Looks like he is passing one good genes.

    Great photos, Patrick. Danke! joy

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