The Grey Heron and the Hippo…

By Morné Hamlyn on April 24, 2012

My guests and I watched a lone hippo bull one afternoon at Elephant dam for about 35 minutes…

and I am so glad we did!!

This grey heron walked along the waters edge and suddenly decided that the hippo’s back looked like a very inviting “heli pad”. He flipped across, perched on the hippo (which was surprized and disgusted) and flew back across as the hippo bit at him!
Flying acrossThe landing, check the eyesWhat the ...?

The WAITING game truly paid off this time around!

Kind regards,
Morné Hamlyn

3 thoughts on “The Grey Heron and the Hippo…

  1. Interesting Morné. at Sunset dam outside Lower Sabie camp in Kruger Park "hippo back riding" by grey herons is very common with the hippos and heron totally at ease with one another! in fact the herons have adapted their behaviour and use the piggy back ride to hunt fish from. cheers Alan

  2. That is toooo funny! Love the hippo’s expression…as well as your captions!

    Thanks Morné…great pics.

    Kindest regards.


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