The Kubasa pride did it again

By Patrick O’Brien on March 18, 2010

After several weeks of unsuccessful hunting it seems that the white prides luck has changed.

On Saturday the pride took down an adult female giraffe on Kings Camp property.

With such an enormous amount of food the pride wasted no time and started eating intensely during the night.

Hours later the Rockfig hyena clan arrived. Even though they out numbered the adult lionesses of the pride they seems reluctant to take a chance with the lionesses.

The next morning Cynet and I witness the adult females attack the young shobele lioness that has became nomadic after nearly all members of her prided were killed last year.

The young shobele lioness was so desperate that she was willing to take a chance hoping that they would allow her to feed. She was wrong the adult lioness knocked her around and almost killed her. Luckily she could escape and ran for cover. However that same day during the night she was back and once again she was attack. This time she was not so lucky and obtained serious injuries to her body. I am not sure if she will make it during the next few days. She laid meters away from the pride that almost killed her motionless and in pain. We hope she can pull through but at the moment it doesn‘t look good at all.

The pride should be at the carcass for the next few days.

By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide
One of the adults pulling of the giraffe carcass. By Patrick O‘Brien.
The young lioness trying to defend herself. By Patrick O‘Brien.
Tactile communication it vital in pride society. By Patrick O‘Brien
One of the white cubs with blood on it nose. By Patrick O‘Brien.

8 thoughts on “The Kubasa pride did it again

  1. That makes me so sad Patrick, but I have to tell myself that it’s just the circle of life! GREAT PICS!

  2. Oh Patrick…sooo sad…i took pics of her and her pride last year…they were struggling back then…and nothing ever got any easier for them….makes me sad…but…law of the wild I guess.

    thanks for these pics.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  3. Hi Patrick

    Great Pics thanks. wish we were there to share that with u guys.


    Manie + Mariaan

  4. Howzit Patrick,

    You really know how to "tell a story" with your blog updates. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years makes when the Shobele pride ruling the camp not that long ago . . . they were such a joy to watch!

    Keep Albert practicing on his python handling.



  5. man, i heard about that…really sad…also interesting that the machaton lionesses and timbavati males showed up so far north – three lion prides around one kill is quite something…would be interesting to have seen the interaction between the timbavati males and the Xukubasa pride, seeing as they are brothers and sisters…

    thanks for the stories and photos…look forward to hearing what happens to the little lioness…

  6. Hai Patrick,

    thanks for the storie… I hope the lion that is hurting is still a live! We have so many memories from our trip with you and Albert. We hope that you keep us informed.

    Astrid, Cees Dirkzwager


  7. Thank you for sharing this amazing story of the once invincible shobele lioness and her desparate and brave attempt for food. It is hearbreaking.

  8. It is so sad to hear about the young lioness. Despite everything you told us about life and death being a natural part of the circle of life I still find it upsetting when it doesn’t seem fair!

    Great pictures – AGAIN!

    All the best Patrick, take care.

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